Since its inception, RP Parfums has been an endless adventure.

As we explore the world of the senses through raw ingredients, we marvel at the infinite opportunities to combine them and transform them through perfume making * The discoveries we’ve made in every corner of the world have taught us that beautiful perfumes are like the sun: made to be adored by all.

We find inspiration everywhere. A scent that recalls the foam of the sea. A memory so joyful you cannot keep it to yourself. A mind-blowing landscape. Once an idea is born, our imagination and creative euphoria carry us the rest of the way.There is nothing more beautiful to us than conveying our love for life through the perfumes we dream up.

We work with composers, perfumers, designers, and bottle makers, and watch as our olfactory & aesthetic dreams materialize before our eyes.

In short, everything we experience each day is alchemized into the singular emotions that inspire our creations.

Each and every encounter contributes to our story.

But this story started with one encounter in particular – the one that determined the future for all three creators of RP PARFUMS.

RP: A story of Parisian encounters .

Whether forming a beautiful team, or composing a quality perfume, the recipe remains the same. Life has shown us you cannot create anything new without bringing into harmony a variety of influences.

Founded by one of our team members, RP PARFUMS is a French perfume house that began in 2015, before taking flight upon the wings of inspiration that united us.

Our paths first crossed in 2019. Since then, our brand’s success has been a shared and joyful journey. Though we come from diverse backgrounds, we share the same dream and passion for excellence in perfume making. Each one of us contributes unique expertise, kindness, and positive energy into our products. And today, the three of us are as inseparable as a perfume is from its signature name and bottle.

Our obsession is to make RP PARFUMS an exceptional brand, liberated and for the people – while remaining true to the great traditions & excellence inherent in French perfume making. It is an ambitious goal, but accessibility is important to us. To get there, we have formed ties with both the best-known perfume houses and the most talented perfume makers in the field, whether artisanal or industrial.

When it comes to perfume ingredients or human beings, harmony always seems to result from the most unlikely of combinations. We’ve found that the balance between our differences is what leads to creative osmosis. This is the foundation upon which we have built our entire philosophy. This is the way we work together, and how we intend to interact with the world around us.

Who is behind RP PARFUMS ?

At RP PARFUMS, our motto is “us” before “me”.

We are above all a team with a mission to unlock the emotions inherent in luxury perfume. It may come as no surprise that to invent a unique sensory world all our own, we had to build our brand upon three quite distinct personalities.

THE ARCHITECT. The one who founded the brand RP PARFUMS in 2015. As the first to embark on this adventure, he needed a touch of madness and immense strength of character. Perfume making is his destiny, his passion, his obsession. A true autodidact, he cultivates a deep love for elevated raw ingredients and his thirst for deep knowledge of perfumery is insatiable. Above all, he has a gift for forming fruitful collaborations with great perfume makers. He is the origin behind the elegance, contemporary spirit and high quality that characterize our creations.

THE FRATERNIZER. Throughout our manufacturing process, he is the one who forms ties with our partners and suppliers. Moving effortlessly like water, he knows how to soften each encounter, serving as a facilitator both in long-term relationships and day-to-day exchanges. He is true to his word, with a smile and kindness beyond compare. He is the master of foresight, smoothing out obstacles before they arise. With him, each step of the perfume making process is a joy. Beyond just forming ties, he melds a real bond with artisans, manufacturers, and anyone we work with along the way.

THE PERFECTIONIST. The intrepid guardian of the high quality that characterizes our perfumes, he possesses the ambition, rigor, and determination to make our perfumes desirable, accessible, and exceptional. At each phase of the process, he acts with lightning-quick discretion and precision to maintain the high standards of our brand. From the moment he catches wind of a new trend to the moment we launch a new scent; he is the momentum behind our positive dynamic. His secret? For him, the word impossible does not exist.

We believe in the exceptional for all. And we can prove it.

RP PARFUMS is a perfume made in your image: real, cosmopolitan, elegant, generous: a lover of diversity in both humans and nature.

We all love beauty – this is because we instinctively know that beautiful things evoke our most grandiose emotions. While each of us is unique, deep down, we are all the same. We all want to feel our best, perfuming our bodies with exceptional and artful fragrances. We hope you will feel our sincerity in the many scents that make up the treasure trove we have concocted for you with deep love and savoir-faire.

We hope you will feel our sincerity in the many scents that make up the treasure trove we have concocted for you with deep love and savoir-faire.

The creative universe of RP PARFUMS is built on emotion. Both feminine and masculine, our compositions bring to life undiscovered islands of fragrance. Destined to dance on your skin, in your hair, and throughout your home, our fragrances expand joyously into narratives both subtle and powerful, offering something for everyone and every taste. Forming a sensory geography all its own, RP PARFUMS is a new kind of olfactory elegance where the excellence of the great Parisian perfume houses, and the heritage and expertise of luxury perfume reign supreme.

Inspiration & Lab Secrets

All our perfumes are the result of collaboration between perfume houses located in Paris and Grasse, world headquarters of luxury perfume-making and home to the best manufacturers, artisans, and designers..

If we are passionate about raw ingredients, it’s because we are convinced that creating beautiful perfumes can, in some small way, make the world better.After all, the love of perfume is universal and brings joy to everyone. It is no surprise, then, that we are in love with Rose de Grasse, jasmine, bergamot, patchouli, and incense.

And let’s not forget delightfully odorous ingredients such as amber, which modern perfume making has developed into numerous olfactory experiences that can blossom into symphonies when combined. While we love revisiting iconic ingredients, we also love to explore more avant-garde pathways – we draw inspiration from every source.

As for manufacturing, we have only one lab secret: we are purists at heart, so we adhere to the strictest traditions of western perfume making. Our fragrances are 100% made in France, with a finger on the pulse of modern trends while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Inspirations & senteurs

L’univers des créations de RP PARFUMS est celui des émotions. Aussi féminines que masculines, nos compositions font surgir de nouvelles îles parfumées

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